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  • to commit deeper to your own self-care?

  • to engage and explore your own truly unique and powerful inner world?

  • to rest in a safe, holding and containing therapeutic relationship so that you can renew your offering of the same to your clients?

  • to invest in your personal growth for your own sake and in your role?

If so, SandStory Therapy® may be a safe and gently explorative space for you to process at both a conscious and unconscious level all that you are holding. 

I work mainly with Therapists who identify as female and are processing life stages whether in relationships [family, friends, romantic] as well as significant transitions [bereavement, loss, changes].

Using the feminine archetypes within us - the Maiden, Mother, Wise Crone, Untamed and Wild,  the Huntress, Priestess, Lover and Queen energies - as a reference framework, we explore reclaiming, healing and integrating those powerful parts of ourselves as we grow in authenticity.

Therapy® Sessions:

personal growth for Therapists & Counsellors

As a Therapist or a Counsellor

do you feel ready

How do SandStory Therapy® Sessions work?


SandStory Therapy® combines the therapeutic use of sand, water and symbols with the expressive elements of storytelling so that as a client you are able to 'tell your story in the sand'. 


Using earth-based, natural elements, allows for a more somatic experience that is both gentle, powerful, safe and deep. It allows you to safely express, explore and experiment with the issues you may be struggling with or growing through. 


SandStory Therapy® uniquely holds a safe and gentle space for your conscious to be curious and to 'dialogue' with your unconscious so that intuitive insights and significant shifts may take place.


These sessions include the option for talking and art so that different ways of expressing your inner story are possible.

Each session is either 1 hour [£70] or 1.5 hours [£100] - as fits you best.

Sessions are booked and paid for in advance [see SHOP] and can take place fortnightly or monthly for personal growth.


All sessions are available for trainee or qualified Therapists or Counsellors; and are availble onine and in-person.


Location for in-person sessions: at The SandStory Centre [Stanmore, London].

Accessible by car from the M25 and the M1; and by tube through Jubilee line to Stanmore; or by Bakerloo line as well as over-ground London North Western and Southern Rail to Harrow and Wealdstone station.  

Full address and directions available on request.

If you feel you would like to develop or deepen your practice through personal growth please consider having a SandStory Therapy® session.

Please contact me so we can explore whether SandStory Therapy® sessions with me are a good fit for you.

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