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The timing of the Sandology for SandStory Supervision®, was synergetically serendipitous!


I had created and offered an adaptation of the SandStory approach to my clinical Supervisees and was often blown away - as were my Supervisees - at the level of intuitive insights that rose from them within our sessions. I also observed how powerful it was through an online platform when lockdown during the Great Pandemic Pause changed all interaction.

Yet it was the in-person training at Roehampton University that I had offered shortly before lockdown in 2020 that established this as a safe and still incredibly empowering way to support my Supervisees - and for others to do the same. See the video below.

I am currently developing the training and hope to have it ready for launch from September 2023. Please do register your interest and I will let you know when it's ready.


The Sandology of
SandStory Supervision®

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SandStory Supervision®

Online training

Online training will be accessible in two ways:


  1. As an Individual Learner - the full training is available immediately and you can access the modules instantly and work through them at your own pace and time.

  2. As a Group Learner - at certain times through the year, I offer an online live group where I take you through the training curriculum together. Dates begin in June 2024.

All participants will have lifelong access to the training, a private Facebook group to connect with and become members of the International SandStory Association [ISA].

In-person training

In-person training with me will be offered once a year in June from 2024 at the SandStory Centre

[Stanmore, North West London]. The training will run over 2 days.


All participants also have free access to the online training so can revisit and refresh themselves with the training in the future.

Take a look below at the lovely feedback when I taught SandStory Supervision® to a group of 40 Supervisors at Roehampton University - on the cusp of the pandemic!


Course Contents:
SandStory Supervision®






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Further information

What criteria is required to apply? Only proof of qualification [or nearing qualification] as a Clinical Supervisor is needed. Please note that all bookings are subject to an application process through which the Trainer reserves the right not to accept applicants wthout explanation. Any unsuccesful applicant will be automatically refunded.

What assignments are required to qualify? Once you have completed the training either online [at your own time] or in-person [after the 2 days], you can access all the training through your login details on this website where you enrolled. There are 8 modules, each with a themed sand tray and a brief accompanying reflection. to complete. There will also be a submission of a case study session in which you offered your Supervisee an experience of SandStory Supervision.

What resources are offered in the training? 🌟Participants are welcome to either purchase a printed copy of the Workbook or download the free PDF version and print it themselves if they'd like to use it. 🌟At the SandStory Centre, teas, various coffees. hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit are provided. Please do bring your own packed lunch for the 2 days of training. 🌟The SandStory Centre also hosts a SandStory shop ful of unique symbols taht you are welcome to buy and take with you after the training.

What support is offered in the training? 🌟In the live online and in-person trainings, numbers are deliberately limited so that care, attention and emotional holding of the space for each one is considered. 🌟Lara is available to offer a safe space if material is triggered within the training; and the group itself is contracted to be a safe co-created space for each other. 🌟 On enrolment, participants are invited to join the private Facebook group to share reflections, experiences and where to source the best sand, tray or symbols!

I have some questions and need further information, who do I contact? That's great - and I do love responding to questions. So please contact me - either by filling out the enquiry form below or emailing me at

Participant reviews
from the CAST Forum

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