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Thank you so much for popping into my shop!

Here you'll find some physical products, such as the following Workbooks that accompany the trainings.

Please note: these are only for sale to participants of the training:

  • Workbook for SandStory Therapy® Level 1

  • Workbook for SandStory Therapy® Level 2

  • Workbook for SandStory Skills® Trainer Programme

  • Workbook forSandStory Therapy® Trainer Programme [Level 1]

There are also two SandStory Starters® card decks. These are 'story starters' for SandStory/Sand Therapists to offer their Clients in sessions - they serve as a 'prompt' or a starter for the story in the sand. These are available to all Sand Therapists:

  • SandStory Starters® Card Deck - Mixed

  • SandStory Starters® Card Deck - Children

  • SandStory Starters® Card Deck - For Use in Supervision

  • SandStory Starters® Card Deck: The 8 Feminine Archetypes [recommended only to those who have taken the course [see:].

All physical products have postage and packaging included in the cost.

In addition, there are Tickets to Events coming up; and also Sessions with me as follows:

  • SandStory Supervision® for 1 hour

  • SandStory Therapy® for 1 hour or 1.5 hours

  • SandStory Circles®: The 8 Feminine Archetypes Support Session [1 hour]

If you'd like to purchase a Training, please head to: TRAININGS

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

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