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SandStory Circles®: the 8
Feminine Archetypes

The Great Pandemic Pause of 2020, forced me - like everyone else - to go within, even more than my little introverted, contemplative self was used to!

There I discovered what I sensed were 'energies' or parts that had been powering me through the various times and circumstances of my life.


Curious and hungry to learn more, I devoured everything my happy little heart could find - starting with the great Jungian archetypes, attending an awesome exhibition at the British Museum, devouring books, research articles and attending some amazing courses created by incredible and empowering women.

I started connecting and befriending, healing, integrating and activating the 8 main feminine archetypes within me - the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone [or Wise Woman], the Untamed [or Wild Woman], the Huntress, the Priestess, the Lover and the Queen - and it utterly transformed my being, my relationships, my work and my life.

I collated, condensed, clarified and then designed this retreat-like course for females [and those who identify as female]; who are Therapists and Counsellors; and who are looking for an internal framework for personal growth as well as a new perspective to support their female Clients.


The Sandology of
SandStory Circles
The 8 Feminine Archetypes

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Online training

Online training is currently accessible as an Individual Learner - the full training is available immediately and you can access the modules instantly and work through them at your own pace and time.

All participants will have lifelong access to the training, a private Facebook group to connect with and become members of the

International SandStory Association [ISA].

In-person training

In-person training with me will be offered several times a year at the SandStory Centre [In Stanmore, North West London],


All participants also have free access to the online training so can revisit and refresh themselves with the training in the future. If you unfortunately miss one of the days, you can catch up with the recorded training.

The course is 4 days that are taught over 2 consecutive weekends.

There are 4 course dates available in 2024:

  1. ​​10 & 11 and then 17 and 18 February 2024

  2. 20 & 21 and then 27 and 28 April 2024

  3. 22 and 23 and then 29 & 30 June 2024

  4. 7 & 8 and then 14 & 15 September 2024


£800 per person.

Payment plans available.

Lifetime access to recorded training included. Enrol and complete application form to specify online or in-person training. 

Meet your 8 Inner Feminine Archetypes

Click on image for profile.

Meet your 8 Inner Feminine Archetypes

Click on image for profile.


Course Contents:
The 8 Feminine Archetypes




Further information

What support is offered in the retreat course? 🌟In the live online and in-person retreat course, numbers are deliberately limited so that care, attention and emotional holding of the space for each one is considered. 🌟Lara is available to offer a safe space if material is triggered within the course; and the group itself is contracted to be a safe co-created space for each other. 🌟 On enrolment, participants are invited to join the private Facebook group to share reflections, experiences and where to source the best sand, tray or symbols as well as encouragement to continue to embody these amazing energies!

What assignments are required to qualify? There are none! There is a Certficate of Completion offering 8 hours of CPD under 'personal growth' category. It is available on responding to a brief feedback form.

What resources are offered in the retreat course? 🌟Participants receive a free, beautifully printed Archetype Journal that will accompany them through the retreat course. 🌟In addition they will receive a free bespoke symbol set, unique to the retreat course to use and take home with them. 🌟At the SandStory Centre, teas, various coffees. hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit are provided. Do bring your own packed lunch each day as well as your own favourite teas, coffees as well as any special milk for break time. 🌟The SandStory Centre also hosts a SandStory shop ful of unique symbols that you are welcome to buy and take with you after the retreat course.

What criteria is required to apply? This course is for personal and professional growth for female Therapists and Counsellors only, so it requires only that you are a trainee or qualified female Therapist and are intrigued to embark on a journey of fierce self-love and discovery. Please ensure you have good support in your life whether through a tribe, a Therapist or colleagues who are wonderful Crones. Please note that the training is tailored only to females, and those who identify as female. Please note that all bookings are subject to an application process through which the Trainer reserves the right not to accept applicants wthout explanation. Any unsuccesful applicant will be automatically refunded.

I have some questions and need further information, who do I contact? That's great - and I do love responding to questions. So please contact me - either by filling out the enquiry form below or emailing me at


Jo Kelly_edited.jpg

Jo Kelly


The incredible Jo Kelly is an award-winning photographer & a Registered SandStory Therapist based in Cambridgeshire.

My deepest gratitude for original photoshoot images [August 2022] when she graciously opened up her home and her studio to the chaos of 16 shoots - 8 light and 8 dark archetypes!
See Jo's work at


Katey Roberts


In deepest appreciation of Katey Roberts who so generously and courageously shared her soul-felt poems on some of the archetypes for the Archeype Journal.

Katey is based in Manchester and describes herself as a Truth Teller and Connection Seeker.

She runs a daily writing meditation group on Facebook called 'What Love Tells Us', which encourages authenticity, belonging and community.

She has also published two books 'What Love Told Me' and 'The Fearful Nature of Happiness' which are both available on Amazon.

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