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Training Journey


Whilst each course is created as a stand-alone training, you can learn and continue to grow as you up-level your knowledge, skills and experience:

Level 1: as a Registered SandStory Therapist begin at the start and heart of the SandStory journey with practical new skills to contain you and your client as they share their 'story in the sand'. 

Level 2: as an Advanced SandStory Therapist enjoy an expansion to take you into the depths of the psychic terrain so that you can widen and deepen your wisdom in this sand therapy approach.

Level 3: as a Trainer either a Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer, consider training other Therapists & Counsellors in SandStory Therapy® and create both a space for your passion as well as an additional income; and/or a SandStory Skills® Trainer bringing the gentle power of sand and symbols safely and ethically to empower non-therapists who look after the wellbeing of others in their care.

Level 4: as a qualified SandStory Supervisor use these skills to support, contain and hold your Supervisees as well as other SandStory Therapists as they explore with you their clinical caseload.

Participant reviews

Lesley McParland_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Lesley Godfrey

Lara has developed a comprehensive and detailed training course for any Therapist wishing to introduce or enhance their practice in the area of sand & symbols and storytelling.

I highly recommend this training, the support, resources and content are available 24/7 online,

I would recommend in particular the Sandstory Workbook to support your training and practice moving forward.

Lauren Pike_edited.jpg

Lauren Pike

Lara gently, simply and passionately brought SandStory Therapy® to life.  

The course was an effective mixture or theory and experiential exercises and I left feeling confident in my ability to work with clients in the sand in this way.

Suzanne Wass_edited.jpg

Suzanne Wass

This was such a powerful process & even for myself felt some transformative healing.

I truly think all practitioners should have something like this in their therapeutic toolbox . This would help support workers , teachers , social workers & anybody working with someone towards mental good health .

Beautifully held space, probably the most enjoyable training I’ve done in the last few years. Totally recommended.

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