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SandStory Starters® card decks: are for use by trainee and qualified Therapists and Counsellors in a sand therapy session and are particularly suited for Registered SandStory Therapists.


SandStory Starters® MIXED card deck:


This is a 44 deck of cards consisting of:


  • 1 x Guidance card
  • 10 x cards tailored for children [8 - 12 years]
  • 10 x cards tailored for young adults [12 - 20 years]
  • 10 x cards tailored for adults [20 - 60 years]
  • 10 x cards tailored for senior adults [60+ years]
  • 3 x 'co-create your own' blank cards


  • Returns policy

    Unfortunately there is a 'no returns' policy - however, please do get in touch if you are not happy with your purchase or would like to discuss an issue. Please email me at Many thanks.

  • Shipping Information

    Shipping is included up to the value of £10. If the cost to your location is more, I will contact to advise you on the difference.

  • Product info

    Co-designed with a professional designer, this beautiful set of 44 cards is available for you to offer your clients - should they need it! The cards are offered with a non-directive and gentle attitude should you feel your client might benefit from the invitation to "create a tray"...

    The cards are a good 'handful' - that is 3.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. Not too fiddly for children to senior adults. The cards are sturdy, as is the box and can withstand some robust handling over time! The cards are covered with a 'varnish' to protect them.

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