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Free TASTER of the 8
Feminine Archetypes

Are you a female Therapist or Counsellor and looking for a deep experience of personal growth that will transform your personal and profesisonal life?

Are you curious to learn about the 8 Feminine Archetypes and how they are embodied and living energies within you?

Are you ready to encounter, embrace, embody, activate and heal your archetypes?

🙌🏼These archetypes are:

💗The Maiden: the archetype of innocence, curiosity, play, wonder and potential.
💙The Mother: the archetype of nurturing, caring, compassion and creativity.
💛The Crone or Wise Woman: the archetype of wisdom, experience, intuition and power.
💚The Wild, Untamed Woman: the archetype of freedom, authenticity, passion and vitality.
🩵The Huntress: the archetype of focus, determination, independence and courage.
💜The Priestess: the archetype of spirituality, connection, service and magic.
❤️The Lover: the archetype of sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, beauty and romance.
🧡The Queen: the archetype of leadership, sovereignty, responsibility and grace.

Join me, Lara Kasza for a gentle and safe and utterly transformative journey to the abandoned, rejected and silenced parts of you to become the strong and empowered female Therapist that you are.

Join the lovely Facebook group of female Therapists & Counsellors also encountering their Archetypes through this Taster at:

[click image below]:

Experience a taste of the archetypes for free and then enrol in the full retreat course if it resonates.


Please note - this taster course is for female Therapists & Counsellors only.

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