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Hello and a very warm welcome 

to this SANDSTORY® website! 

My name is Lara Kasza.

I am a Psychotherapist working in London [Stanmore] where I offer a gentle, safe and unique way of using sand and symbols in a contained tray to support a client's process - so that they can 'tell their story in the sand'. 

I call it SandStory Therapy®.

If you would like to experience it in-person or online, please email me at larakasza@hotmail.com and click here. The sessions I offer are currently only for Therapists and Counsellors looking to experience personal growth thorough the creative medium of sand and symbols.


What is SandStory Therapy®? 


     ✔️SandStory Therapy® has it's roots in the narrative tradition of Storytelling, Sandplay and Sandtray Therapy. The latter was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld in the early part of her work in the 1920's.

Having trained in the two main Sand Therapies as well as Storytelling, I  have developed SandStory Therapy® in a way that complements other therapeutic approaches.

   ✔️SandStory Therapy® encourages a respectful and sensitive dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious so that the wisdom from within is heard, seen and experienced. In turn, this is taken into daily life and natural, very organic shifts occur.

   ✔️SandStory Therapy® has at it's heart the therapist's ability to remain grounded in their own presence and be fully present each moment to their client.  It allows them to attune to their client's needs and pace which enables empowerment and growth for the client.

Who can benefit from experiencing SandStory Therapy®?

SandStory Therapy® fits well with children from the age of 8 years onwards, teenagers/young adults and adults right through to senior adults. It can be used in multiple ways and for a spectrum of referral issues:

     ✔️Individual therapy/counselling

     ✔️Group work

     ✔️Family work

     ✔️Couples work

     ✔️Parent work

     ✔️Support groups such as bereavement or addiction groups

     ✔️For those in management/leadership teams

     ✔️For all professionals such as Teachers, TAs, Educational Psychologists, SENCO's, CAMHS workers, Social Workers, Mental Health nurses etc.

Who is SandStory Therapy® training for?

The training is suitable for qualified Therapists or Counsellors including: Play and Creative Arts Therapists, Drama Therapists, Art Therapists as well as talking-based Therapists looking to introduce a creative component to their practice etc. It is best suited to those who are qualified or reaching the end of their training as it presupposes solid clinical skills.

For those for whom working with sand is entirely new, you are very welcome to attend as the training builds on layers and offers you a well-tailored experience to build your confidence and competence. Please fill in the appropriate section in the application form so that I can support you in this new medium.

I teach this approach online and at the SandStory Centre to Therapists, Counsellors and other Mental Health professionals.

Those who qualify as Registered SandStory Therapists are welcome to enrol in the Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer's Programme to teach this to other Therapists and Counsellors. On qualifying, Therapists join a Register of SandStory Therapists and all become members of the International SandStory Association.


I also offer an adapted version called SandStory Skills® aimed at non-therapy professionals such as coaches, mentors, spiritual directors, teachers and TA's, SENCO's and emotional wellbeing practitioners etc. There is an online programme for Therapists or Counsellors to train to become Certified SandStory Skills® Trainers.


Coming in 2024:

💙SandStory Supervision® for use in Clinical Supervision and Line Management.

💙SandStory Circles® for Therapists & Counsellors looking for personal growth through exploring their 8 feminine archetypes within, using sand, symbols, ritual, music and movement.

For the full range of trainings available please see the Trainings page. 


If you have any thoughts or questions, please join the mailing list below or feel free to sign up [top right button].

Warmest regards,

Lara ❤️

nicola sneddon sandstory photo_edited_edited.jpg

Nicola Sneddon

"I have always loved delving into the sand; therefore it felt like a natural step to do this course.  

I wondered how it would be, attending online, given that sand therapies are so sensory, experiential and deep.  
It was clear from the outset that Lara had given the whole process a great amount of thought, love and attention.  
I appreciated that I had access to replay any Chapter after attending an online group session."

Shireen Green_edited.jpg

Shireen Green

"I believed that my Play Therapy training gave me a good understanding of sand and how to incorporate it within my therapy room until I enrolled on Lara's course.  

This course was like opening a present at Christmas!"


Lynn Hollingshead

"I thought I knew a lot about sandtray since I have had many trainings in this. I was blown away by the use of SandStory and how it integrates well with other sand therapies and modalities.  

This course has given me a more thorough understanding of using metaphor, symbols, and story telling and listening (presence) in my sand work."