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A warm welcome to the wonderful, sandy world of

What is SandStory Therapy®?

SandStory Therapy® has deep roots in the narrative tradition of Storytelling, Sandplay and Sandtray Therapy. The latter was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld in the early part of her work in the 1920's.

At its heart, SandStory Therapy® offers a container of support to the Therapist - in particular, their ability to remain grounded in their own presence and be fully present each moment to their client. This approach allows the Therapist to attune exquisitely to their client's needs and pace which  enables empowerment and growth for the client. 

SandStory Therapy® offers a gentle, safe and unique way of using sand and symbols in a contained tray to support a client's process ... so that they can 'tell their story in the sand'; whilst encouraging a respectful and sensitive dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious so that the wisdom from within is heard, seen and experienced. In turn, this is taken into daily life and natural, very organic shifts occur.


Who is
SandStory Therapy
training for?

The training is suitable for qualified Therapists or Counsellors including: Play and Creative Arts Therapists, Drama Therapists, Art Therapists as well as talking-based Therapists looking to introduce a creative component to their practice etc.


It is best suited to those who are qualified or reaching the end of their training as it presupposes solid clinical skills.

For those for whom working with sand is entirely new, you are very welcome to attend as the training builds on layers and offers you a well-tailored experience to build your confidence and competence. Please fill in the appropriate section in the application form so that I can support you in this new medium.

I teach this approach online and at the SandStory Centre to Therapists, Counsellors and other Mental Health professionals.


On qualifying, Therapists join a Register of SandStory Therapists and all become members of the International SandStory Association.

For more information on all in-person Level 1 trainings in the UK please see:


Those who qualify as Registered SandStory Therapists are also welcome to become Trainers and to enrol in the 

Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer's Programme to teach this to other Therapists and Counsellors.

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Who can benefit from experiencing SandStory Therapy®?

SandStory Therapy® fits well with children from the age of 8 years onwards, teenagers, young adults and adults right through to senior adults.


It can be used in multiple ways and for a spectrum of referral issues:

  • Individual therapy/counselling

  • Group work

  • Family work

  • Couples work

  • Parent work

  • Support groups such as bereavement or addiction groups


Interested in becoming a SandStory Therapy® Trainer?

With demand high and fuelled by our passion, we are looking to bring the gentle power of SandStory to every part of our gorgeous globe and offer SandStory on every shore!

Criteria for potential participants are:

  • A strong resonation with this sand therapy approach and a passion for the transformational impact it makes.

  • Being a fully qualified SandStory Therapist at Level 1.

  • Have had 1 year of clinical practice as a minimum.

  • Attend an interview with Lara and present a SandStory Therapy® case study as part of the application process.

  • A proactive approach,  a healthy abundance mindset and a warm, containing energy is essential.

Once a year starting on 1 May, the training is available as a live online training and spans over a full 3 months till 1 August.


It includes the full training IPR [Intellectual Property Rights] plus training templates and resources for a 2 day in-person training of SandStory Therapy® Level 1.


On qualifying, Trainers become Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers and are featured on the global training website:


For those who want to increase their income and add Training in this creative medium to their portfolio of services, this could be an ideal stepping up into the next stage.

So take a look at the full information page, contact me below and let's explore this wonderful, very exciting, potentially slightly daunting opportunity for you!

What is SandStory Supervision®?

SandStory Supervision® is a wonderful skill to offer your supervisees during supervision sessions. 


It's a creative way, using sand and symbols, to gently uncover the hidden insights and intuition your Supervisees holds within their unconscious about their clients and how best to support them.

Using the container of the Five Stages in SandStory,  as the Supervisor you can lean back into a deep listening presence with your Supervisee. Offering a safe space for them to express, explore and experiment as Therapists.