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SandStory Circles®: the 8
Feminine Archetypes

The Great Pandemic Pause of 2020, forced me - like everyone else - to go within, even more than my little introverted, contemplative self was used to!

There I discovered what I sensed were 'energies' or parts that had been powering me through the various times and circumstances of my life.


Curious and hungry to learn more, I devoured everything my happy little heart could find - starting with the great Jungian archetypes, attending an awesome exhibition at the British Museum, devouring books, research articles and attending some amazing courses created by incredible and empowering women.

I started connecting and befriending, healing, integrating and activating the 8 main feminine archetypes within me - the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone [or Wise Woman], the Untamed [or Wild Woman], the Huntress, the Priestess, the Lover and the Queen - and it utterly transformed my being, my relationships, my work and my life.

I collated, condensed, clarified and then designed this retreat-like course for females [and those who identify as female]; who are Therapists and Counsellors; and who are looking for an internal framework for personal growth as well as a new perspective to support their female Clients.


The Sandology of
SandStory Circles
The 8 Feminine Archetypes


Meet your 8 Inner Feminine Archetypes