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SandStory Circles®: The 8 Feminine Archetypes

Training overview

We all intuitively 'know' that we have a power within, an energy that moves within us ... whatever we call it ... and exploring, healing, embodying and activating that energy within the frame of these 8 Feminine Archetypes offers us a safe container for personal growth and authentic empowerment that will impact us professionally as female Therapists/Counsellors: 💗The Maiden 💙The Mother 🖤 The Crone [or Wise Woman] 💚The Untamed [or Wild Woman] 💛 The Huntress ❤️ The Lover 🤍The Priestess 💜 The Queen This will be an online programme as well as an in-person 'retreat' experience where you can deepen your own personal growth through the beauty of these Jungian, feminine archetypes. The annual SandStory Conference from 2025 will also offer the experience of an in-person taster. The course is available online and in-person: 🔵 ONLINE - take your own time and go at your own pace to deep dive into the 8 Feminine Archetypes. Support available in the private, small FB group. 🔵 IN- PERSON at the SandStory Centre, Stanmore [London] Time: 9 am to 4 pm. The course is 4 days that are taught over 2 consecutive weekends. There are 4 course dates available in 2024: ​​[1] 10 & 11 and then 17 and 18 February 2024 [2] 20 & 21 and then 27 and 28 April 2024 [3] 22 and 23 and then 29 & 30 June 2024 [4] 7 & 8 and then 14 & 15 September 2024 Cost: £800. Payment plans available. To enrol - go to Training page, scroll down to 'SandStory Circles®: 8 Archetypes' and click 'enrol'. Any questions, do email me on the link below. Warmest regards, Lara ❤️

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